Daytona Review

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This page was originally created in 1998 - many things have changed in Daytona. We are putting together a revised review of our recent trip back to Daytona. Check back again to see the new review.

Gosh, there is so much to say about Daytona and Daytona Beach . There is so much to see and do and so many great places to eat and stay that are good, clean and reasonable. Our favorite restaurants have to be the Starlite Diner, and the Cruisin Cafe. .During our first trip to Daytona we discovered the Cruisin'Cafe. A very lively restaurant decorated in the Nascar theme. So many different racing hardware to see that each time you go in there you will see something you missed the last time. The food is very good but a little pricey for hamburgers. An interesting place for people of all ages.On our second trip we found the Starlite Diner - If you go to eat a meal make sure you are hungry. You will not believe the portion of food you get and the price is incredible. At most restaurants you would get probably half the portion for twice the price and it cannot possible be any better than at the Starlite. For a 50's atmosphere and the best food and prices definitely give it a try. If you are a coffee lover you will enjoy their cup of coffee. You certainly won't need refilling as often as most places, that's for sure.Also, it's open 24 hours. We stayed at a little Motel right on Atlantic Ave. called the Esquire. It's one of the older buildings but was very clean and kept up very well. It is right on the beach and again, the price for a two night stay was extremely reasonable. We will definitely stay there again. Daytona is also a place for people of all ages,except during Bike Week and Spring Break. That's when most of the younger crowd is there. But we were there during Bike Week for a day and we enjoyed walking among all these lovers of motorcycles. It was interesting to see so many bikes and there were old and young bikers there. They were polite and just having a good time. On Saturday night we sat on the beach with a cup of coffee and watched the fireworks. They are an every Saturday occurrance.

Of course, there is also Daytona International Speedway . We had gone on the tour after going to one of the races. What a great time. Just go to one race and you would get hooked on the excitement. I did. (Bob already is) There are so many different shops with a wide variety of prices and amusements. We went to the arcades a few times and had fun trying to remember how to play the games we played when we were younger. If you are really brave try the sling-shot. There are also go-karts and dodge-em cars. We're going to try them next time. We also had the thrill of seeing someone catch a baby hammer-head shark. Just a baby but it gave quite a fight. This one was only about 2 feet long - I can't imagine what kind of fight a full-grown one can give.At a few of the hotels there is live entertainment outside. We sat and listened to them. They are quite good. Daytona is definitely our goal for longer visits and more frequent ones. Someday we'd like to live there it's so good. Feel free to mention our review if you visit the Starlite Cafe and Esquire Motel. We're going back there, too.Have a great time and maybe we'll see you there!!

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