Don't Feed the Alligators

Feeding of Alligators and Crocodiles in Florida is illegal. Statute 372.667 makes it a misdemeanor to feed Alligators or Crocodiles.

Feeding of alligators causes them to lose their natural fear of humans. They associate humans with food, and if another human comes along and doesn't have food, they may attack that person (especially if it is a little person).

For more information about living with alligators visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission page

Along similar lines - it is also illegal to feed Black Bears, Racoons, Foxes and Sandhill Cranes - Florida Statute 68A-4.001 makes it a misdemeanor for feeding of these animals.

The best practice concerning any of Florida's wildlife is to enjoy viewing them, but let them find their food naturally.

Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission web site for more wildlife information

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