History of Florida

Here is a brief history of Florida, drop us a line if you think of other milestones in Florida's history.

1513    Juan Ponce De Leon landed near St. Augustine, looking for the
        Fountain of Youth. Named the state Florida after the Pascua 
        Florida (The Feast of Flowers or Easter)

1565    Pedro Menendez de Aviles destroyed a French colony and 
        established St. Augustine ( the nations oldest continuous 

1763    First Treaty of Paris gives control to England in exchange 
        for Cuba

1783    Second Treaty of Paris returns control to Spain

1819    Spain sold Florida to the United States

1835    Second Seminole War between Seminole Indians and settlers 
        breaks out when   Seminole leader Osceola refused to move 
        west of the Mississippi. After seven years Osceola is 
        captured and all, but about 150 who escaped into the 
        Everglades, Seminoles were moved to Oklahoma

1845    Florida statehood

1885    Henry Flagler lays down the East Coast Railroad - ending at 
        Palm Springs. Causes Florida to become a favorite vacation 
        spot for the wealthy.
        Henry Plant built the Atlantic Coast Railroad on the west 
        coast of Florida

1929    Stock Market Crash and Depression slows growth due to lack of 
        funds lost by the wealthy

1949    U S Air Force sets up missile test center at Cape Canaveral

1971    Disney World comes to Florida

1992    Hurricane Andrew wipes out south Miami

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