Egret Photos from Florida

Snow Egret at Gatorland Florida
Cattle Egret with Ibis
Snow Egret at Gatorland
Great Egret with Ibis
Cattle Egret with Ibis
Cattle Egret on fence
Egrets are a common sight around water in Florida.

Different varieties are often seen together and may be in the company of Ibis

Cattle Egret are commonly seen in pastures with cows.
They like to eat the bugs that cows attract

Snow Egrets have yellow feet and black beaks to help distinguish them from Great Egrets

Reddish Egret Palm Harbor Florida
Cattle Egret perched on fence

Reddish Egret at Walls Springs

Egret at Anderson Park Tarpon Springs Florida
Snow Egret
Great Egret Anderson Park Tarpon Springs
Snow Egret at Gatorland Florida
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