Fort Pickens
Pensacola, Florida

Fort Pickens Pensacola Florida
Fort Pickens was completed in 1834 and was in use until 1947 to protect
Pensacola Bay and the Pensacola Naval Station
It remained a Union fort during the Civil War
It held Geronimo prisoner from 1886 - 1887
In 1899 a fire and explosion destroyed Bastion D
Ft Pickens Arched Openings
Ft Pickens wall facing Gulf of Mexico
Ft Pickens Brick Wall Entry
Fort Pickens

15" Rodman Cannon
Battery Cooper 6" disappearing gun
15" Rodman Cannon from 1868
could fire a 15" ball weighing 300-400 lbs
to a rance of 3-4 miles
6" Disappearing Gun from 1906
located at Battery Cooper

battery 234 6" shield gun
6" Shield Gun from World War II
located at Battery 234

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