Homosassa Springs Florida

Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Experience Florida wildlife in their natural habitat.

Located on the Homosassa River, which is fed by spring water, this area attracts both saltwater and freshwater fish.

Here, you can see manatees up close in a floating observatory where you're in the tank and the manatees are free to swim wherever they want.

The park is a rehabilitation center for manatees which have been injured in the wild, and it is the one place you can observe manatees year round.

Educational programs tell you about manatees and other Florida wildlife.

The park also has a nature trail where visitors can observe a variety of birds, including the flamingo, and other animals such as bears, cougars, otters and alligators.

Allow three hours to experience the tour

Hours: 9 am until 5:30 pm everyday.

Ticket counter closes at 4 pm.

Located on US Highway 19 in Homosassa Springs.

Address: 4150 South Suncoast Blvd

Homosassa, Florida 34446

Phone: (352) 628-5343

Website: http://www.homosassasprings.org/Homosassa.cfm

Cost: Adults - $13.00 Children ages 5 - 12 -$5.00

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