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This page lists bulletins from visitors interested in purchasing homes and property in Florida. If you are looking to purchase a property in Florida, you can post it here. Bulletins will be posted for free for 2 months, then removed.

Please keep messages short and to the point. We will review the posting and update this page each Monday. If you don't see your bulletin on this page the week following your submittal, please re-submit, we get a huge amount of spam each day and try our best to find the good mail that's mixed in with the junk, without having to read ever piece of junk mail.

Since this site is family oriented, we reserve the right to exclude postings that may be considered inappropriate for young viewers.

PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!! - even though we wish we could all be safe from scam artists it seems that even they have found ways to take try and take advantage of everyone. DO NOT give your bank account numbers to anyone for transfer of moneys for deposits on your property. DO NOT accept overpayment - there is the chance the person would ask you to send back the difference immediately and you could find out that the original check was not good. At least wait until the original payment clears your bank. Do not give more information than you think you need to. If you are sending money to put a deposit on a property make sure that the property is real and not bogus. You can check out properties in the local government sections in the Appraisers area.

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Canadian couple looking to buy a 2br 2bath mobile home . Must be relatively close to water and golf glevere47@gmail.com 2/3/14

We are a retired couple looking to retire in or around Venice, Fl. in the next few years. We are looking to purchase a mobile home in a 55+ community. In the mean time we are looking to rent either Jan. or Feb. in 2015 & possibly 2016. We also have 2 small Yorkies (under 10 lbs.) who are very well behaved and house broken, no shedding and are hypoallergenic dogs. They do not go on the furniture or in the beds. If anyone can help us out, please send info. & photos to blw333@roadrunner.com. My name is Brenda Weisenbacher from Cleveland, Ohio. 2/3/14

Wish to purchase over 900 sq ft, 2 bedroom mobile home on full share property on west coast of Florida. email posmond@shaw.ca 9/25/13

We’re looking for the following : Resident Owned Communities ( Modular/Manufactured Homes ) in Central Florida Area only ! ( Near Tampa to Orlando areas ) No monthly LOT RENT fees - - only maintanence fees ! Could you provide us a listing of the above ? Pets allowed ( we have 3 yr old maltese dog / 11 lbs ) Amenities including : Outdoor community pool, golf course (a plus ! ), clubhouse etc. Looking for : 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath & 2 car garage ( not carport ) Homes built after 2000 ( a plus ! ) Within the $ 75,000 to $ 125,000 range. We’re planning on finding & buying a modular home soon ( 1 yr or less ), before moving to Florida within the next 2 – 3 years (Retiring). Thanks !). Scott.DeGasso@americanbar.org 9/25/13



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